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Squinkies small toy marketing wisdom
Date:2012-3-28 10:42:26  Hits:2175   【BACK】

  " My daughter love this cute little thing, she kept them from plastic packaging out, put it back, always enjoy it." The United States of California a mommy Sonoma in blog wrote. She love the" little things", is now the United States of America ''s most popular toy Squinkies. She said:" Squinkies toy has a variety of image, and even a bit like my daughter."

  On Christmas Eve 2010, a soft and Cute Mini Doll Squinkies in the United States of America quickly became popular, become the United States of America most children like Christmas," New York Times" and was named the best toys, so far in the market impetus is not decreased, the image of the product reached more than 300. In April this year, based on a super hot Squinkies Mini gachapon series game for the Nintendo DS started on the North American market. Squinkies is a good way to let the child? In the toy manufacturer Mattel and Hasbro and other major brands of siege warfare, what does it rely on talent showing itself?

  "3C" creative
  For the children, those lovely toys, let them happy to share with friends of cool stuff, and cunning collection, always easy to get them into a frenzy. Squinkies series of toys at birth, the producers Blip Toys ambition is to hope that they will be able to become the children loved selling toys.


    Blip Toys was founded in 2002, is one of only16 small companies, headquartered in the United States Minnesota Minnie card city. Its founder and CEO Bill Nichols was successfully launched a creative toys.

  In early 2009, he had decided that next year''s Christmas will still be in economic downturn, expensive high-tech products to attract impoverished mothers, and inexpensive plastic toys will be pursued. A careful study of the popular toy pony Rainbow ( MyLittlePony ) and the Littlest Pet Shop , he thought the new nothing new. So, looking for new product''s selling point, Nichols visited the toy store, lead a team of painstaking research, design a attract consumers of the "3C" ( cheap toys, cheap; collectible, a collectible; cute, lovely ).

  Previously, Nichols has worked with Target and Wal-Mart, toys r us to discuss cooperation. Through the Wal-Mart, he learned in Japanese Seiyu ( now Wal-Mart has become a subsidiary ), through vending machines selling toys are very popular. He told the industry scale for assessment, found in vending machines are sold each year billions of dollars in merchandise.

  Finally, the Squinkies creative was born, only a finger section size, wrapped in a transparent plastic ball, can be arbitrarily according to pinch the rubber doll doll, became Blip Toys2010Christmas shopping season ''s flagship product. Nichols said, the doll ''s name is purely fictional, but interesting, easy to remember, easy pronunciation.

  Squinkies series of toys for children over the age of 4to play, can be used to display, wear, also can play with game cosplay. Each group has 16cute little doll, a doll are arranged in a circular transparent" capsule", each with about $10 for.

  The product characteristics, cute and is a cheap Squinkies capture key elements of children and parents. Mommy blog a blogger Anne McGowan said, she often play egg machine ''s son and niece to see Squinkies, suddenly feel very familiar, and she herself is very glad to low price. In order to reduce the cost, Nichols did not make toys sculpture manufacturing model, but directly to the Chinese factory production, in order to have greater price advantage.